Hello. This is my website. I write about politics and things. Here are a few articles I've written that you may (or may not) enjoy: 

1) I wrote a piece in the Guardian about how ridiculous it is that our foreign secretary can get away with a load of terrible stuff that would get any other cabinet minister sacked because he's got a funny haircut and sometimes does good jokes. The problem with this piece is that while I tried to list a few of  the grim things he's done, a) there are too many list and b) new things happen every other week. Ah well. 

2) An account of a really, really underwhelming barbecue that Owen Smith held when he was standing against Corbyn. He told everyone in attendance that the burgers were dodgy. Here's that one. 

3) A more serious piece I wrote for Manchester's student paper about why I think the twitter trend of going on about how fascists and terrorists are losers is slightly ridiculous. You can find that one here. 


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