Hello. This is my website. I write about politics and things. Here are a few things I've written to get you started: 

1) An article I wrote recently in the Guardian lamenting the fact that Corbynistas think that every critic of his is a conspirator. Are we really going to buy the idea that Stephen Hawking and Owen Jones are involved in a right-wing coup? You can read this one here

2) An account of a really, really underwhelming barbecue that Owen Smith held when he was standing against Corbyn. He told everyone in attendance that the burgers were dodgy. Here's that one. 

3) Something I wrote for HuffPo in which I explained why somebody who is left-wing might vote to leave the European Union. If you've ever met me, you'll have heard all of these things hundreds of times. If you haven't, and thinking about Brexit doesn't make you annoyed and sad, you can read it here


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